Participation: The project involved 320 citizens, notably 140 participants from the city of Szirmabesenyo (Hungary), 30 participants from the city of Soriano nel Cimino(Italy), 30 participants from the city of Yeri (Cyprus), 30 participants from the city of Nasielsk (Poland), 30 participants from the city of Dobsice (Czech Republic), 30 participants from the city of Svodin (Slovakia), 30 participants from the city of Mellieha (Malta).
Location/ Dates: The event took place in Szirmabesenyo (Hungary), from 24/08/2022 to 31/08/2022
Short description:

The day of 24/08/2022 was dedicated to

  • Arrival and accomodation of the international delegations
  • Lunch with typical local products
  • Welcome speech by the Mayor of Szirmabesenyo
  • Official Opening Session: programme of activities
  • Tour of Szirmabesenyo
  • Welcome party organized by local associations.

The day of 25/08/2022 was dedicated to

  • Seminar “EC Programme and Europe 2030 Strategy”
  • Presentation of the delegations “Best practices in the social sector”
  • Cultural visit in local museums and visit to local associations
  • Question time with volunteers and youth workers
  • Typical dinner and folkloristic show organized by local cultural associations and volunteer organisations.

The day of 26/08/2022 was dedicated to

  • Analysis of past crisis and their effect on the social and solidal tissue of Europe
  • EU policies and the response of the EU to international crisis. Analysis of experiences from partner countries and perception of Eu ruling at local level
  • Meeting in the city hall with the city counsellor for social affair and welfare
  • Theme based visit to youth working association.

The day of 27/08/2022 was dedicated to

  • Youth engagement to construct the Future of Europe–Strategies of the partners to promote social engagement of young people
  • What if?-Imagine future crisis scenarios and possible actions with and without EU
  • Problem solving: discussion of the activity and resolution of eventual conflicts
  • Visit to national NGO’s for international cooperation
  • Multicultural dinner and integrational activities with the local community.

The day of 28/08/2022 was dedicated to

  • Problem solving: Breaking down Greater EU Problems, how are they built and how to tackle them The project «UFOS - United For Open Solidarity» was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme "Europe for Citizens" Applicable to the Strand 2 – Measure 2.1 "Town-Twinning”
  • Study visit in a local Social Enterprise: participants will take active part in the work as job shadowing
  • Typical dinner and show in Hungarian folkloristic costumes
  • Guided tour in Budapest
  • Guided tour of the Gipsy Neightborhood.

The day of 29/08/2022 was dedicated to

  • Seminar: EU policy-making. Funding and policies for the social and solidal sector (speeches by experts)
  • Circle Time: exposing personal point of view and open debate on themes relevant for the delegations
  • Tea time with PA and experts
  • Concert by local city band
  • Dinner organized by locals.

The day of 30/08/2022 was dedicated to

  • Role Playing: Simulation of an emergency situation with Hungarian Voluntary Civil Protection
  • Seminar “Solidarity after disasters at local and EU level: the role of civil society and volunteering- European Solidarity Corps”
  • Study visit to local Voluntary Civil Protection structure-question time with volunteers
  • Problem solving activities and results of the Role Playing.

The day of 31/08/2022 was dedicated to

  • Introduction and speeches by the Mayors and national and EU PA
  • UFOS PROJECT: results and achievements (speeches by participants)
  • Open debate: fishbowl conversation and follow-up proposals Official Ceremony: Signature of the Partnership Agreement
  • Gift Exchange
  • Greetings and departure of delegations.